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A Shot of Yellow

Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun – Pablo Picasso In this age of automated conversations, we noticed that the ‘human touch’ had sneaked out while no one was looking. Everyone has the Siris and the Cortanas.


  • 5_reasons_for_digital_strategist

    5 Reasons Why You Need A Digital Media Strategist

    Digital Media Strategists – What exactly do they do? How can they help? It’s time the world knew the importance of these unsung heroes of digital marketing.

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  • Here’s How an Effective Media Plan Can Change the Digital Marketing Landscape

    Has traditional advertising become obsolete? For media planners, the real answer is No. But the complete answer would be just like a relationship status update on social media ‘it’s complicated.’ Studies suggest that digital media buying and planning can be really effective and it certainly competes with TV, print, outdoor and other forms of mass […]

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  • The longest Social Interview bags Silver at Campaign India in Best use of Social Media Category

    At Tonic, we are always encouraged to push the envelope towards executing award-winning campaigns. We saw the opportunity to “push that envelope” for one of our brands- Sony TV India during the premiere of Dhoom 3 on Sony TV. Dhoom 3 broke several records on its opening days, marking itself as the biggest Bollywood hit of […]

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  • 4 Smart ways to get millennials to give you their money

    4 Smart Ways To Get Millennials To Call You Their Favorite Bank Let’s face it! The millennials are taking over. This group of teens to almost 30 some-things is becoming the centre of attention for most brands across the board. And it is extremely important for banks to jump on to the millennial wooing bandwagon […]

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  • Here’s everything you need to know about Facebook Gif support

    It’s finally here. Facebook now has workable GIF support. Yes, this means you can now post GIFs on to Facebook and what’s more, they show up on the mobile app as well. Back in the day, Facebook supported GIFs. But the function was disabled around a decade ago. And now, a decade later, it is […]

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  • A Day At MIX wins big!

    Enjoy what you create, believe what you do, work hard to make a difference and success follows you – That’s exactly what ‘Tonic’ is all about. It was a proud moment as our campaign for Sony MIX “A Day at MIX” campaign won at the Asian Customer Engagement Awards 2015 in the Digital Marketing (Innovative Loyalty […]

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  • #Hashtag Like A #Champ – Here’s How!

    Simply put, hashtag is a filter for online chatter; it is used to categorize messages. Which is why what comes after that little symbol is so important. In social marketing, some of the campaigns have relied completely on a hashtag. This has helped them spread their message to a wide audience. #ShareACoke by Coca Cola […]

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  • How To Use Tumblr For Marketing

    With over 49 billion posts, 150 million blogs, Tumblr, the free blog hosting and social networking site is indeed one of the most popular sites in the world. So if you’re not using Tumblr as part of your marketing efforts, you’re missing a very large boat.

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  • As Content Marketers, Here’s What You Need To Know About Dubsmash

    That old “third time’s the charm” isn’t just superstitious talks. It applies to just about anything. You just have to be superstitious enough. Take Dubsmash, for instance.

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  • Google Plus’ New ‘Collections’ Feature Turns Users Into Content Curators

    Imitation is the best form of flattery and Google Plus is a staunch believer of that. The company’s social networking service has been criticized for resembling to its competitor Facebook. However, Google+ has been working hard in expanding its feature set. It’s recent move is Collections – A Pinterest inspired feature whereby users will be […]

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  • Should You Be Using Selfies In Your Marketing Campaign?

    Meant to be fun and impulsive, selfies are for capturing the moment as it happens—and quickly sharing them with family and friends. It is a phenomenon that brands must not ignore. Cause in this new fad, lies opportunities. Go little deeper behind the lens and you’ll see that there is value for brands in it.

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  • eBay India – #IHeartMom Campaign

    Event – Mother’s Day Brand – eBay Campaign – #IHeartMom Objective and Strategy – To stand out from the herd of brands running contests with lucrative prizes for Mother’s Day To make the day special for Mothers and their children alike To build on the nostalgia as well as the nuances of a relationship that […]

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