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Decoded: Best social media platform for your brand

Best Social Media Marketing For brands

Social Media Marketing is like that roller coaster for your brand. The wonders of social media marketing in today’s ever growing digital era are infinite! Everyone is social today no matter what business module you are; B2B, B2C, D2C, C2C. Surely, why wouldn’t you want to go social? Social Media Marketing has the power of brand awareness, bringing you valuable leads, ideal customers, ideal audience, unimaginable reach, impressions, loyal fans, and most of all, SALES! The top social media marketing platforms have huge impacts on our lives; our lifestyle choices, purchase behaviours, influencing our ideas, opinions, and views. 

A report of 2022 showed a whopping 3.96 billion users across all social media platforms with an average of 80-95 minutes spent each day on the best social media platform. 

The statistics just keep growing with the average user switching between 6-7 social media platforms daily. Power of social media right!? 

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With such astonishing statistics and growing social media platforms, are you wondering which is the best social media platform for your business? Our answer is be as social as possible! 

Yes, Just because you are a B2B doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be on Instagram or Pinterest and simultaneously if you’re a B2C or D2C doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be on LinkedIn or marketplaces like IndiaMart or Just Dial. 

Instagram for instance, especially after the 2020 ban of TikTok has seen a massive boon and how! In India, 17.8% of the population which is roughly 25 crores unique users signed up and used Instagram. Instagram is the best social media platform out there to display your products, sell your services through impactful visuals, videos, and audios. 

Instagram can be one of the biggest social media platforms for marketing your brand as well! 


Here’s why: Instagram is turning into a creator’s community. Precisely after the launch of Instagram Reels, Instagram has truly transformed. Brands have seen their content hit millions to billions reel views, reach, and impressions. Even after reels, Instagram has launched numerous new features such as guides, filters, voiceovers, new fonts, GIFs making it easy for content creators & brands to create content, collaborate, present unique content, and grow Instagram followers and even monetize in lakhs. Instagram; today is the top social media platforms revolutionizing the social media world with its new features and algorithm. 

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Instagram is also SEO empowered. From your Instagram Bio to integrating the right keywords into your captions, ALT text feature etc can help you increase Instagram followers. Since, Instagram itself is a search engine wherein you can easily present your products, services, build a community of fans, and influence a larger audience through your visuals, audios, podcasts, and reels effectively and efficiently. 

Yes, that what makes Instagram the best social media platform to market and prosper your brand. 

Show how to get more followers on Instagram and reach the right audience?

Valuable, engaging, and shareable content. Content is king. Content is key. Content is the best trick on how to grow Instagram followers. Your content is what distinguishes you, so aim to provide valuable engaging content on Instagram with smart product and service placement. With valuable content you not only build a brand, get more follows on Instagram, but also increase your engagement rate, impressions, and reach thereby increasing your chances of going viral and setting a new trend. 

Instagram if done right is the biggest social media platforms to making your brand and business big. To ace this best social media platform provide quality content, collaborate & engage with the right audience, build a community, and support your competition. Contact us here to get started with the top social media platforms now.