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Better your browser; Top 5 best SEO extensions

Best SEO Extensions

As we all know chrome is the most popular & most used browser in the digital world. 

One of the many geniuses by Google, Chrome holds a whopping 64.92% global share in the browser market with 63.8% global share for mobile desktop, making it the go-to browser even for mobile devices & other portable devices. 

The mass usage is truly unimaginable! The rave & popularity around Google’s chrome is all thanks to its versatility & functionality. The features are truly amazing. We have a website task manager, private browsing, visual browsing history, upgraded tabs, bookmark manager, & one stop shop box for everything from search to save to addresses, to history. 

But in our opinion what truly sets apart chrome is its extensions. Google chrome extensions are those variety of features making your tasks easier & browsing personalised. In short, they’re the small small packages making a big-big difference to your browsing experience. 

Google is a search engine with search engine optimization & functionalities, so to personalise your search journey, here we have curated a list of 10 best SEO extensions you for sure need:


1. FindThatLead

Have a targeted influencer & blogger list but don’t know how to reach them? Here’s one of the best SEO extensions to your rescue; FindThatLead. 

With FindThatLead, you’re saved the trouble of hunting the right email ID’s from any website & or LinkedIn. You can send outreach emails on the verified email ID of your ideal influencers, entities, & bloggers.


2. Similar Web

Do you want accurate analytics for traffic? Here’s a free seo extension for chrome which can help you get accurate data & estimations. Similar Web helps you with traffic insights of the last 6 months with average per visit, time spent, retention time, bounce rate, and even visitor location! 

Similar Web will also show traffic sources as well; social media, referral sources, search engine etc. 

Pretty cool right?


3. SEOquake

This one is a must-have as it's truly the best SEO extensions. SEOquake by SEMrush is a tool that helps you understand & evaluate keyword metrics & analysis, and an A-Z evaluation of any webpage you have visited. 

SEOquake is also a great seo extension for chrome for keyword planning & research. SEOquake is a free seo extension for chrome which provides us a thorough analysis of SERPs, detailed report on all keywords, examines internal & external links, and compares domains 

and URLs in real time. 

Thinking to start with SEO? Click here to get started. 


4. Check My Links

While doing technical SEO, you’re bound to update your content, delete only content, as well as have structure changes & consolidate your pages. Such changes may lead to issues in links or broken links. 

Here’s where Check My Links; a free SEO extension for chrome comes to your rescue which gives you all the links statistics you need while browsing page on your site & you can also avail details of each web page as Check My Link highlights each link. 


5. GrowthBar

GrowthBar is the best SEO extension to grow your SEO as it gives you quick insights into  SEO data points & open up growth channels & keywords customised to you! 

What also makes GrowthBar a great SEO extension for chrome is you can access and explore any website’s top performing keywords, backlink data, facebook ads, keywords, keyword difficulty and much more! 

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