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Wish to know how to increase your reach on instagram? These hacks are for you!

Instagram Growth Hacks

Instagram is the ‘IT’ thing now. Instagram is the next big thing. Naturally, Instagram is also the new marketplace influencing each part of our lives; from our social life, to our purchase decisions, to our holidays, and to even the survival and success of all businesses today. Heck, we have even witnessed a special trend which said ‘Did it for the gram’. 

Instagram is a huge part of our lives today. Instagram gave us hashtags,  Instagram gave us grids, Instagram gave us live videos, IGTV’s, guides, with a deep influence on ‘aesthetics’ and photos. Instagram gave us the so called ‘story’ format, which surely took a storm of popularity in the social media world. Along with such creativity, Instagram also gave us reach, impressions, valuable content, a chance to build your digital community, and a lot of hope to small business owners especially with its own short-video format Instagram Reels. 

With the introduction of Instagram Reels in strong competition with TikTok, Instagram is truly turning into a creator’s paradise. Instagram’s algorithm supports creative content & trendy content. Ultimately to increase instagram reach you have to create shareable, valuable, and save-worthy content. 

While you can invest in Instagram Ads and get your dreamy following numbers, organic Instagram reach is the way to go! 

Now you must be wondering why?

It’s simple, an organic follower is genuine. Organic followers are interested in your content, find value in your page, heart your content truly, and help you build a community thereby increasing your Instagram reach, effectively and efficiently. 

As exciting as this sounds, Instagram’s organic growth is a long and slow process, so here we have some simple hacks on how to increase reach in Instagram: 

Hack #1: Build a community

Instagram in itself is a community. If you wish to grow your business and increase Instagram reach, you have to build a community for your brand. Your community is your target audience, potential buyers, your competing brands, or who have an interest in your product or service. 

The easiest way to build your community is to engage with similar accounts, engage with their posts, leave a like and comment on their content, follow them etc. 

This supports the algorithm, boosts your posts, helps you reach new people, as well as helps Instagram to showcase your content to the right audience.

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Remember: Community over competition. 

Hack #2: Cross Promote on Other Platforms

Another great hack to increase instagram reach is to cross promote your content on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, YouTube Shorts, Twitter etc. 

Cross promotion helps you discover a new range of audiences, interested in you and help you build organic followers and impressions as well. 

Hack #3: Instagram Reels and other formats

If you’re a small business or big brand wondering how to increase your reach on instagram, Instagram Reels is for you!! 

Instagram is the ultimate hack to increase instagram reach undoubtedly with simple, straightforward, unique, and valuable content. 

Instagram reels have the reach of millions to billions. Instagram has a separate tab dedicated to Reels. Instagram Reels creates trends and virality!! 

Along with Instagram Reels, we recommend you to use all the features and formats provided by Instagram. Voice overs, Instagram Music, Instagram Stickers & GIF’s, Collaboration Features, Instagram filters, IGTV’s and what not! 

The more you use Instagram features and formats, the more Instagram will promote and boost your reach. 

Hack #4: Relevant Hashtags

Although overrated, hashtags still can contribute to increasing organic reach. 

But it is crucial to do it right, Instagram hashtags can expose your content to the right audience when you have a defined hashtag strategy. A defined hashtag strategy includes a list of relevant hashtags to your brand. 

To boost your organic Instagram reach, you can also follow hashtags relevant to you and engage with that particular hashtag, thereby increasing your Instagram reach. 

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