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In the internet era, nearly 70% leads come from web searches. It’s imperative that your business owns a website because the world is on the web. A website is one of the most important digital marketing solutions that can work wonders for your brand. It is your brand’s face. It is what people engage with. It is an experience that needs to be designed and developed optimally.

Now when you go about creating your website, it is essential that there is a narrative running through it.

As a web development company, we believe in the power of stories. Our ideologies are rooted in the aspirations of our audience.

The success of your website depends on the story that you tell. Is your story tailored for your audience? Keeping this as the starting point, the essence of a successful strategy comes alive.

Complimented with design that makes navigation simple and content that doesn’t just cater to search engines, but your audience.

We are a web development company that believes in taking an integrated approach towards strategy, usability, content, design and development. This ensures that what we create is handcrafted to meet our clients’ business objectives, while being rooted in Tonic’s ‘Human centric’ philosophy.

We understand that every client has varied goals. To ensure that we put our best foot forward, our team proposes the project management methodology that works the best for your business objectives. When it comes to research, as a website design company, we really get to it. The team will conduct customer and stakeholder interviews. The market is assessed while the goals and expectations are understood. All this data helps the team to gauge your brand essence, and this is visible in the final output.

From UX to UI, every line of code is focussed on creating websites that don’t just look good but deliver on metrics that matter.

Known as one of the top web development companies in India, we have a team whose expertise lies in optimizing conversion rates of user flows and screens. Every aspect of the website is tested and tweaked till it has attained its optimal effectiveness during and post your website going live. As the best web design company, we continue evaluating user behaviour as they navigate through your website. Recommendations and suggestions are made to further optimise the performance.

We create websites that amalgamate form and function. It is our belief that any website design company should view design as not just aesthetics. Consumers should be able to engage with the website across multiple devices. It should be a wholesome experience that makes them come back for more. If your web pages take time to load or the length of completing tasks on your website is a lot more longer than usual, you will lose your customers and might lose potential leads as well as the recommendation rate will drop. Here is where we enter with our suite of solutions.

Give us a shout to discuss how one of our digital marketing services like web solutions can help your objectives.

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