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Today’s users want more emotive and compelling narratives. It is not just about experimenting with different digital marketing services but using the ones that resonate with the audience of the present day. Their choices are distinct, and they are always on the lookout for clutter-breaking stories. Additionally, they choose smartphones over other devices for content consumption. One of the most preferred content formats is video. It is fast and convenient for always on-the-go millennials.

If research is to be quoted, videos are the most consumed format on the internet. Numbers dictate that more than 100 million hours of videos are seen on Facebook. YouTube has recorded more than 4,950,000,000 video views whereas Instagram and Snapchat achieve more than 10 billion views every day.

It can be easily inferred that users want more than a single wall of text. As a video production company, we are leveraging this shift to create content that helps brands communicate their stories and offerings with ease. Moving visuals that are rooted in a strong story are a lot more effective than just text.

At the core of every content piece is a story. And we love narrating stories across mediums. We have dipped our hands not only in branded content but also social videos, 360-degree and VR videos along with video editing services, event videography and commercial video production. Our team is also adept in the amplification of the video content.

As a top corporate video production company, we craft interesting video concepts that not only do justice to your brand story but can be targeted to the demographics that are relevant to your brand.

The video format is a wonderful way to showcase your new line of products or even your company culture. It is an effective way to boost user experience and even improve your brand’s presence in search engines.

Not only do we believe in remarkable stories, but we pepper our video content with modern animation and production techniques, taking your brand message from the first cut of the storyboard to the final cut. Shooting, video editing services and post production all together create multi-channel videos that appeal to the contemporary and digital savvy audience.

Videos are result-driven digital marketing solutions. As per data, click through rates for videos are a lot more better than for static image led content. Researches have also noted that websites with good videos have a higher rate of repeat visitors.

Referred to as one of the most prominent corporate video production company, our video services encompass every detail from concept to production, complete with distribution and evaluation. We crack the right ratio of owned, earned and paid media, we make sure that your message is seen by your consumers, amplified and distributed to the right places at the right time. It is a complete set of solutions that contribute to the momentum of your brand.

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