PIX School of BONDing

Sony PIX was set to telecast the iconic James Bond movies over a period of 3 months. The Challenge was two fold. James Bond is a popular franchise and most other channels had already aired some content by the time Sony PIX joined the bandwagon. He wasn't popular among younger audiences.

Creative Solution

Strategy : The strategy was to use a successful female icon, to give out tips to audiences, which were primarily male. Sania Mirza, was roped in to to give tips on ‘Bond Way to a woman's heart’ and she became the dean for ‘PIX School of Bonding’. Video Content was developed with Sania Mirza in a never-before-seen sexy avatar. Other exclusive video content created capitalised on the number 23, tied to the number of Bond films. Customised video content like 23 Best Bond kisses, 23 Best Bond pick up lines, which accentuated his charm and sexuality were created and promoted across social platforms. The content strategy across 8 weeks covered the whole range of Bond cues from cars, gadgets, traits, style and substance, besides drawing a local association with Bollywood-Hollywood, fan arts etc. This integrated campaign was executed across digital mediums. The media strategy was to use relevant interest, age and location-based targeting on post promotions and use the Reach & Frequency model for video promotions to spread awareness about the campaign.


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