Art Made out of Air Pollution

Air pollution is a global threat that has a large impact on the environment around us. 7 of the most polluted cities in the world are in India. India accounts for a quarter of the world’s deaths due to air pollution. Keeping in mind the global theme of air pollution hosted by China this World Environment Day efforts were taken to create awareness about this invisible threat and action change. Highlight the rising levels of air pollution in the country on World Environment Day.

Creative Solution

Creating awareness among citizens about air pollution and highlighting Aditya Birla Group’s sustainability efforts using impactful illustrations. The thought behind the campaign was to fight air pollution with air pollution. We created art out of toxic air. The art represented the damaging effects air pollution has on our flora fauna, monuments and wildlife. The ink used to create the art is called air ink. AIR-INK is the first ink made entirely out of air pollution. The pollutants which could have been in the lungs of millions of people, or mixed into our water, land streams are now beautifully resting as art.

case study video


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