Wink & Nod Mattress Launch - Search Engine Marketing

Wink & Nod is India’s first online-only luxury mattress store. The start-up wanted to skip the middleman in the distribution network and reach out to the end consumer. It's a high involvement category that requires physical sampling and trial of the product in store. The challenge was to drive quality visitors to the website, increase total sales & sales value and deliver a better ROI.

Creative Solution

We formed a strategic communication based on various insights on consumer behaviour & perception of mattresses in the market. Creative content was developed on consumer’s passion points & hobbies such as music, travel, etc. to highlight the USPs of the product which created interest. The execution covered right mix of buyer personas, followed by an agile approach of testing and improvement in the campaign. We expanded the reach with look-alike audiences and re-targeting for maximum achievement. The campaign was closely monitored & optimized to avoid 'wasted clicks'.


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