What Indian consumers
want in 2024?

This year GIPSI, the research division of Tonic Worldwide
shares consumer insights that are compelling for brands
to pay attention to in the new year. The report navigates
through consumers’ moods, attitudes and expectations
from a micro lens to focus on the inner pockets of
consumer sentiment and what may be an undercurrent
but is important for marketers.

How are they solving their
sleep, food & wellbeing issues?

What is their standpoint on the
planet and society?

What are they thinking of in the changing
times of AI?

This and much more is decoded by GIPSI with its unique
HI+AI methodology in this report. Read on to learn more
about GIPSI methodology.

GIPSI uses a unique methodology of HI+ AI which triangulates multiple data points to
decode and deliver actionable insights. The model applied for this report is 360° GIPSI which
includes Deep listening (digital data)and GIPSI App.