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The challenge was to build the presence of a developing brand like Wellbene on social media.


The strategy was simple - make things visually appealing, factually correct and creatively sorted! With health brands, trust is crucial. And so we took the help of nutritionists, doctors and fitness coaches to understand the technical knick-knacks about the brand and used our creative minds to present those ideas in a simple, cool way.

We went for fun and artsy vectors to showcase the different aspects of the brand and used pastel shades and italic typography for an aesthetic while showcasing humans for reels and other lifestyle videos.

Creative Solution

A collection of diverse content pegs were put together to create a holistic brand personality on digital, with an amalgamation of influencers as well as gifs, statics and videos with regional insights to gain the audience's attention. Be it quick reels featuring an influencer or nutritionist or a 10 min healthy recipe, we did it all.
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