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Smiles that broke records and
became NFT

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Dabur Meswak being a traditional brand that has been around for years has been associated with older audiences. The brand wanted to be relevant amongst the younger digital audiences and build affinity and engagement with them owning their smiles.


Great things happen when the nation comes together. We encouraged people to be a part of a larger RECORD BREAKING movement that brought together Smiles of the Nation. They were stronger smiling together with Dabur Meswak by sharing their happy moments with us!

This mobile first campaign leveraged the mobile phone as the primary platform to engage and encourage participation and travelled the journey all the way enabling this user powered digital mural to  become an NFT . This not only built stronger association of the brand with the younger TG and their smiles but also got the nation smiling together . We also established the legacy brand as a thought leader by enabling a tech first approach with an NFT.

Creative Solution

People love taking their festive celebrations to social media. They share their moments of smiles and togetherness to spread the festive spirit around and this behavior is prominently seen from their phones when they visit pandals or bring ganpati at home. Post pandemic the excitement of Ganesha celebrations was at an all time high. We leveraged this excitement  by auto populating the largest digital mural of Lord Ganesha from these happy smiling moments with social API integrations into a mobile first digital destination. Every image was pulled into the mural in real time thus increasing the size of the digital mural with every increasing smile and attempting the largest user curated digital mural of 'Lord Ganesha'

A nationwide digital campaign #MyGanpatiMoment was launched where we invited netizens to share their festive moments on Facebook and Instagram. Digital entries were shared from social media as well as  offline Ganesha Pandals which broke national records for being the largest digital mural on this mobile first website.

It didn’t just end there! Dabur Meswaks record breaking user curated digital mural was converted in to an NFT to permanently enable this as a collectible amongst the Web 3.0 audiences. The campaign travelled from web2,0 and engagement right upto the new age Web 3.0

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