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Position South Africa as destination of choice for travellers

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South Africa Tourism wanted to engage with relevant travellers welcoming them to the land of plenty. From the wildlife to culture, the city life to adventure, and from breathtaking scenery to sun-soaked coasts of South Africa. They wanted travellers to get the best of South Africa. So, they reached out to us. 


It all started with an in-depth listening exercise that tracked the TGs interests, travel habits, and passion points. And, as research showed, immersing any traveler in the culture, traditions, and geography of any place always works wonders. This helped us create an extensive, customized content strategy that appealed to all kinds of travelers. Create the coolest Tour Guide in SA.

Creative Solution

Through #ExperienceSASoon we made travellers the hero of the stories. Gave them the coolest tour of SA that they will never forget. Built a narrative where each & every traveller was engaged through bespoke messaging. Content that enticed culture vultures and adventure seekers alike. Rich design, ingenious animation and innovative media formats took the travellers across the country. Short, micro-content bought South Africa alive through cinematic shots of the land of plenty. We connected with solo travellers, wildlife enthusiasts and different types of travellers with apt and useful information introduced through snackable content pieces.

South African Tourism Social Media Strategy