Crafting a ‘Karak’ space


How do you get people to take notice of a neighbourhood Karak Chai spot? In fact how do you get people to step in the store for hot cup of Karak and something to go with it?


Study showed us that our TG tends to take a break from their routine with a hot cup of Karak. It’s that time when they pause the day or share a bite with someone. And, that exact emotion is what we extended to the consumers to increase brand awareness across the neighborhood.


  • Campaign Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Strategy

Creative Solution

On a working day everyone loves to take a break, spend time with oneself and escape for a moment. That is exactly what we recreated – a perfect escape for our customers right at the entrance of the Restaurant. A cosy coer foranyone wishing to take a break and get lost in the flavours and scents of a steamy hot Karak. 

We designed the space keeping natural daylight in mind which added a new mood to the Café. We chose a tranquil colour palette to create a sense of calm. We kept the design typographically simple, visually striking and unburdened by unnecessary information. The resulting aesthetic is this small space in the city where one could spend a few moments with their Karak and some good company.