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Giving Tea Lovers the Break they Deserve

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Karakha is set to bring a unique experience that serves as a meeting point between a casual café experience and a chillout zone. Karakha is where you head to during your daily office and school breaks. Whether it’s for a quick lunch bite or for a casual evening of chit-chat, Karakha has a warm cup of tea waiting for everyone! Our task was to get people to take notice of the café for its unique styling and product offering.


We wanted the consumer to step into Karakha and escape from their busy urban lifestyle. Build an identity that epitomises the beverage and the emotions attached to it.

Creative Solution

We were inspired by the quintessential, ribbed ‘chai’ glass that is an iconic symbol of the beverage. By using playful colours we encapsulated the personality of a tea lover – a bright and Kadak (meaning strong in Hindi) individual. For communication we used simple yet clever language that eluded towards the importance of taking a break.

We dub Karakha’s visual style ‘Abstract Solids’, and for good reason. Solid bases and backgrounds, made of bright and pastel shades are coupled with minimal yet intriguing design elements. This got the consumers attention and helped create brand recall. The highlight of this case is the consistency in identity design across collaterals and creative visual storytelling that created the perfect mood for the tea lover.

Content Marketing For Karakha