Social Media for TASC Outsourcing: Increasing Engagement and Followers back to top

When a “People First” agency had none on their social media - we took up the challenge!

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TASC Outsourcing wanted to increase engagement and followers on social media, while bringing in the human touch!


TASC is a staffing and recruitment firm for businesses and candidates and believes in putting its people first. However, their social media was not reflecting it as their primary focus was showcasing the services they provide. Tonic suggested the involvement of TASC employees to bring in the balance. 

Creative Solution

We started by churning out relevant creative concepts which the management and employees could talk about. 
We shot with fresh recruits, right out of University on a lighter note while the top management was asked to sit down and talk about the latest trends in the industry and their expertise in their fields. Even the Senior Vice President of Sales came in front of the camera to face the audience!
To give it a more candid approach, we started “Buddies At TASC”, where best friends at work talked about their experience of working as well as having fun together, while ‘Humans of TASC’ told stories of the strength and courage of people associated with the organization.
All that, in the audio-visual format, and on major social media channels, so that the audience can put faces to the names!
 Social Media for TASC Outsourcing Services