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The power of a rich and interactive website: Al Futtaim

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Since 1930, Al Futtaim has been the leading brand for the distribution of electronics in the UAE. They needed a new website that showcased their brand associations, product offering and market leadership to their competitors, consumers and the industry


How do you get the industry to take notice of an existing electronics giant? First of all, convince and then entice them to explore Al Futtaim’s product offering. Our primary goal was to convey Al Futtaim Electronics’ impact on the industry and showcase how their products are enriching many lives. Their rich portfolio worked to our advantage. Hence, our strategy was to use their case studies to build a narrative propagating their prowess.

Creative Solution

Showcasing their Guinness World Record-breaking LED screen in Dubai Mall was the first task at hand. We created a dedicated section for their creative solutions with a click-to-play video option. This helped explain Al Futtaim’s work with in-depth analysis while showcasing the brands they were associated with. The clean design and engaging content were created as per SEO standards and Google guidelines for search engine optimization. The website is a great example of how we used case studies backed with new-age design to achieve the clients objective.

Website Development & Design Al Futtaim