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Helping Bluestream sales like a pro: Online edition

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Bluestream is on a mission to build a better world by offering solutions that help enhance the urban environment . For that Bluestream Environment Technology wanted to reach the maximum number of users looking for their products that breathe life into the city. A website was the obvious choice.


We were tasked with creating the digital platform to engage and encourage users to browse through the entire product range and spend more time on the portfolio. The plan was to keep the website design simple where the products and their respective information stood out.

Creative Solution

We decided to go with m inimalist W eb 4.0 desi gn with ample white space. Letting the design breathe and helping the products stand out for customers . L isting of 500+ products needed seamless navigation and quick loading pages. The well - structured website gave the required project info, interactive fo rms and engaging content to keep the user engaged. This made it much easier for visitors to learn and purchase from Bluestreams vast range. We avoided including redundant or unnecessary information anywhere on the website. This helped cutting down on physi cal space and gave us more realty to add relevant information that helped showcase and sell the products.

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