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Bringing Al Maya Groups Legacy to Life Online

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Al Maya Group has been a pioneer in Dubai for almost 40 years and 50+ supermarkets, with over hundreds of brands from all over the globe. So when they decided to overhaul their exist ing website they reached out to us.


We decided to narrate the Al Maya Groups’ story describing their legacy and market prowess with the help of design thinking powered by an effective and efficient UI /UX plan.


Creative Solution

One of the design challenges for the platform, was to create something that stood out from their exist ing website, but also stayed within their brand guidelines. We decided to go for a m inimalist design approach with short yet informative content about the Groups legacy and its offerings. A modern layout for the rest of the content, accessible through fluid navigation between the pages. Just like a story of a 40 - year - old legacy should be told. We created a Respons ive website which was adaptable for m obile . We even ensured the website had fast loading time a nd effective navigation. It was all possible with our well - planned information architecture.

Website Development & Design for Almaya Group

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9.7 K

New Users

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