On social media, the mark of true brand communication is when there is a two-way dialogue between the brand and its audience. That's where ORM comes in.

Customers are vocal on digital platforms making it crucial for brands to build a positive sentiment.

Over the past decade, we've mastered brand analysis, decoding insights, crafting personalised responses, and controlling damage during a crisis.

We create tailor-made ORM strategies to meet brand benchmarks, and work towards having meaningful conversations with customers.

We turn:

Data Into Insights

We turn:

Customers Into Fans

We turn:

Responses Into Content

Smart and efficient tracking

Every relevant brand mention is captured through specific alerts. This helps create a breadcrumb trail and assess brand sentiment.

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Brand Response Management

39% of customers only trust brands they find online. So, we build a digital presence for the organisation, based on its existing tonality.

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Decoding undercurrents

A brand’s ORM strategy is led by data and insights. Through this lens, we focus on key metrics and find underlying issues.

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Customised automated reporting

Data has the answer to every problem. Based on the client’s needs, we offer customised reports with audience segregation.

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Brand ORM Audit

Our ORM strategy is led by research. This is done by analysing brand performance, reactions, reply frequency, and digital presence.


Setting Brand Track

Our audit gives us a lot of information, which is used to set keyword alerts. These filters capture relevant brand mentions.


Data Filtering

We use in-house platforms and tools to filter miscellaneous posts and spam mentions. These improve the accuracy of our reports.


Bucketing into Queries/Mentions

Based on the key metrics, we segregate all relevant mentions into buckets. These buckets help shape our customer responses.


Personalising Responses

We respond to consumer complaints and queries with a diverse ORM bank. This paves the way for genuine, human conversations.

Humanizing responses

TAT reduction by 40% & humanizing responses for a finance company

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TAT Reduction

TAT Reduction of 60% for an international Tech giant

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Managing crisis

Managing crisis digitally for a publication house

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