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USA’s Largest Online Pharmacy Increases 10X Revenue with Best ecommerce Marketing Strategy

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USA’s largest Online pharmacy, All Day Chemist, had a Google ranking which was below the average that was followed by lower online visibility compared to their competitor, which directly impacted their business. Our task was to increase visibility with result-oriented SEO solutions while generating revenue in multiple regions (USA, Australia, UK, India) through a robust ecommerce marketing strategy that impacted their ecommerce business strategy


The online pharmacy sector is highly competitive. We decided to deploy our customized SEO marketing strategy to reach out to crowded local and national markets. It was crucial to understand how to improve google organic ranking and increase revenue without disrupting the existing ecosystem. We decided to increase revenue by untapping organic channels and organic traffic for leads. We started with analysing competitor websites, backlinks and crucial SEO parameters which gave us deep insights to devise our strategy.

Creative Solution

We started with improving the e-commerce website's load time, in turn, reducing the bounce rate. Clearing up backend errors was the best way to improve search engine ranking. Simultaneously we fixed the XML sitemaps, added significant meta content and restructured the site’s architecture to achieve our conversion goals. This also led to building good user experience, which increased stickiness and encouraged sales.

For better product rating we implemented the product schema to optimize Google SERP. Based on competitor analysis we used high DA backlinks. We also minimised the number of JavaScript and CSS files while optimising the CMS database. These efforts helped us drive traffic to the products leading to sales and increased the Google ranking leading to better brand visibility and reach. This shows the importance of improving code, tone, style and content for optimum results. It also proves that regularly updated data helps in converting organic traffic into a revenue driver and encourages result-driven ecommerce SEO.

A well-planned ecommerce digital marketing strategy fuelled product discovery and recall. It made it easy to penetrate the overcrowded online  pharmacy market, and tap into genuines customers who helped increase 10 X revenue.
All Day Chemist Organic and Paid Marketing


Organic users were increased


E-commerce conversion rate was improved by


Transaction value increased by