The pathbreaking website desiging case study of Arabian Farms back to top

The pathbreaking website designing case study of Arabian Farms

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Al Maya Group has been a pioneer in Dubai for almost 40 years and 50+ supermarkets, with over hundreds of brands from all over the globe. 

So when they decided to overhaul their existing website they reached out to us. 


We decided to narrate the Al Maya Groups’ story describing their legacy and market prowess with the help of design thinking powered by an effective and efficient UI/UX plan.


  • Responsive Design
  • Web App 
  • Development

Creative Solution

Our approach was to give the entire website a makeover that complimented their new physical office headquarters. We focused on making it minimalist whilst keeping true to the brand guidelines, colors, and identity. 

We developed a user-friendly website that was adaptable to mobile, has easy accessibility and well-planned information architecture along with fast loading times and effective navigation.

Design & development For Arabian Farms

11.4 K


9.7 K

New Users

15.4 K