ROI and video
view rate by 3x

-with interactive personalised videos
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Increase ROI and video view rate by 3x

Driven by data
Led by video

Driven by data Led by video
We are powering the most consumed format online (video)

with deep data analytics, facilitating brand growth & better conversion rates.

As video is taking over the internet with over 1200% more share value than any other format,Intuitive Programming is a unique video arm that specializes in customizable solutions.

Programming Features

Data Driven

We create content models trailing consumer’s digital behaviour and content consumption patterns.


Content that is relatable, affordable and authentic, bringing brands closer to its people.

Inclusive of Regional Insights

We bring in diversity of the country’s ethos, by co-creating content plans that match the regional sentiment of the target audience


Content models supported by a strong online and offline structure

at Scale

Video Personalisation at Scale

Can videos be made for individual consumers personalised with their name and data? Can brand communication speak to individual consumers as if its been specially made for each one of them ? Possibilities of customisation are Unlimited with TWIP.

Remove the broadcast feel from your videos/films with personalisation and in-video interaction to create a compelling experience for every user. With every curated video you send to your customers, you enable them to establish a two-way conversation with your brand as they engage with interactive graphs, charts or even another video basis their selection. The video can be adapted multilingually and can be sent through any delivery channel.

Studies and Research suggests that viewers instantly react and engage with communication that has their name and other relevant personalised data

We create interactive and immersive videos powered by an AI based technology to customise an array of videos. From the ones shot by us in-house, to stock videos, your customer experience and conversions will never look better!

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