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How often do you see a consumer going beyond the second search page on Google?

Most brands have not considered this question, and continue to emphasize other marketing collaterals.

Search Engine Optimization is perceived to be an afterthought. It isn’t an element that can be left for ‘later.’ It is one of the foundation ingredients for your brand. If people are looking up your brand, it should show up where it matters the most. It is a digital marketing solution that boosts the consumer experience. In the present day, websites have become the face of online marketing. This is the reason why Google considers factors like the design of a website, its speed, content marketing, mobile-friendliness etc.

Counted to be an impactful SEO agency in India, we employ SEO mavens who are experts in this domain and propagate a result-focussed approach.

It all begins with a clearly defined brief that outlines all the necessary information. Opportunities and risks are identified. A competitive review is conducted. This enables our SEO specialist to craft a concrete project plan with a clear blueprint for implementation and success. This is backed by a thorough keyword research that gives our SEO team an understanding of your offerings and the keywords employed by users to look up your brand. Basis your business goals, potential keywords are also locked.

SEO specialists also provide inputs on boosting your website performance using criteria like navigation and user experience. After a complete SEO audit, with on-site and off-site factors, a baseline for the existing website is created.

With on-page optimization, we make sure that your website scores well on robustness and efficiency. This is also the key to improving SEO ranking. Every page, its minute details and performance are optimized as per the best practices. A crucial part of this process is content evaluation. The content is assessed based on the engagement and is optimized for search and user experience.

The off-page strategy involves the selection of partners and influencers to target for link-building that are in unison with the timeline and approach of the campaign. Targeted content-based campaigns are put into action to get relevant inbound links from quality centric sources. Using dynamic content and outreach campaigns, we create links that get your brand better SEO ranking and high-quality traffic.

A detailed report is drafted, which contains the links for submissions and their effectiveness. The campaign overview is quite comprehensive and notes the adjustments to the plan of action basis the results that have been gained.

If we consider digital marketing services, SEO is just a single piece of the whole mix. The best SEO agency combines proven search optimization strategies with paid media buys, social media communication and content development ideas to make sure that clients’ websites continue to stay ahead of the curve.

Employing SEO services can help you divide your content into location, keywords, behaviour, device, referring sites etc. increasing the possibility of your target audience discovering your brand in an organic way. The results obtained via these services are quantifiable. You can keep a tab on conversions, website traffic and increase in rankings across different websites. With this digital marketing solution, make the most of customer data and their stages of engagement with your brand. These insights are useful for crafting more consumer-friendly marketing activities.

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