World's First Healthgram

On World Health Day when every brand shouts out loud about Health, our goal was to differentiate and own the share of voice around Health for Nutralite, the healthy table spread by Zydus Wellness.

Creative Solution

Millennials consider any health advice from their loved ones as nagging. They spend more time on social platforms watching short fun entertaining videos but rarely give a listening ear to their loved ones. Our strategy was to make millennials listen to their loved ones in an entertaining way. We asked their loved ones to send us their messages and created ‘Healthgrams’, a series of fun quirky custom songs shared via social platforms. In the day and age of ‘Instagram’ and other digital apps, which resonate strongly with the youth, we launched World’s First ‘Healthgram’ on World Health Day. Guess what, this HealthGram Sings! We transformed preachy messages into ‘Witty quirky audio songs called ‘Healthgrams’ with a Live Band which spread the messages on platforms where we found them spending the maximum time. Users across social media platforms were invited to send their health concerns and tag their loved ones using #Healthgram. We hired a live band who took the best entries and crafted their pleas for their loved ones’ into customized quirky songs. And all this was done in real time.

case study video


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