Way Too Fab for eBay

We love working hard and partying harder so much that we got millions of Indians join us at eBay's Birthday Party! eBay was turning 9 years and wanted to create a bang. We wanted to differentiate with a campaign that's not just another sale for the younger audience.

Creative Solution

Insights tell that no birthday is complete without a party. Our audience loved to have fun and party hard! We understood it had to be visually appealing, engaging, and fun with lots of activities to do! We organized India’s first online, 9-day party on social platforms. For 9 whole days Indians were kept engaged through a quirky activity everyday on eBays social media properties. The virtual birthday bash was celebrated through waytoofab.com, which hosted various games through applications across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For starters people had to impress our bouncer "Suresh Menon" to get access to the party which was streamed live on the microsite. Our TG is obsessed with taking selfies. We embibed this into our strategy and asked them to share their best party selfie! This was followed by Musical Tweets - India's first Musical Tweets first Twitter version of musical chairs! The party wouldn't be complete without drinks! And we made sure there will be ample of it. The audience were wowed by our innovative contests like Spin The Bottle - a social game that made celebrations full of gifts for their friends too. Last but not the least, the party concluded with 'Bottoms Up', a social drinking game that leaves you with a virtual hangover.


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