How to Unlock Big Ideas via Hologram

Objective: ABG is ‘Big In Your Life’ with presence across verticals. They have implemented some big ideas and as a key presenter of the TedxGateway, wanted to inspire young minds to share their BIG Ideas. Ideas with a potential to impact the environment, society and overall quality of life

Creative Solution

Insight - People underestimate their own ideas & often hesitate from sharing them The strategy was to help them realize that a small step can lead to a big impact and it all starts with sharing of ideas. Hence, we brought alive some ideas that had brought about a change by these speakers in an innovative format of a hologram which was placed before they enter the auditorium. What better opportunity than using World Largest Idea Sharing Platform ‘TedXGateway’ to encourage ideas. With the messaging #BigOnIdeas, we used the hologram technology in a prism that reflected some of the biggest thoughts of the 21st century. #BigOnIdeas encouraged users to share ideas with ABG who would further take one of the ideas ahead and implement it. Ideas can come from anyone and hence the target audience was vast. We converted the attendees to become our media vehicle and ambassadors to spread the word, Here’s how! They were given a special mobile friendly version as a mini hologram that they could carry back home and share with friends and family thus encouraging the message to be spread.

case study video


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