The Chopstick Challenge

How does one incorporate a SMO campaign with a social message? Prax’s, a Dubai-based fast food chain wanted to create awareness on Dyspraxia, a form of developmental coordination disorder (DCD), and promote a food brand for the affected. DCD is a common disorder affecting fine and/or gross motor coordination. Prax’s campaign on Dyspraxia was a classic case of a social media marketing campaign in uae.

Creative Solution

To raise awareness about Dyspraxia and be the first fast-food brand in Dubai with a cause related marketing campaign on the disease. The thought was simple, humanise the entire campaign and innovatively reach out to the audience. The audience needed to empathise with the disorder and do their bit to create awareness. We created a unique UGC driven campaign called “The Chopstick Challenge”. We made a compelling case for people to participate. The challenge invoked users to record videos of them picking up objects with chopsticks & sharing the videos with the hashtag #TheChopstickChallenge.


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