#FeelAlive - How Viewers emotions came alive on Television

Launch of Sony BBC Earth, an Infotainment channel with Kareena Kapoor as the brand ambassador. The competition’s focus was wildlife, nature and animal survival instincts. The clear differentiators for Sony BBC Earth were its powerful and insightful stories, with visual finesse and technical superi

Creative Solution

Empowered with strategic insights, the campaign focused on bridging the gap of LIFE in urban India. The urban milieu had, research showed, lost the zest for LIFE, due to work stress, space constraints and the constant state of flux. The stories of LIFE would invite users to experience what they have been missing in their stressful lives; making them #FeelAlive. Kareena Kapoor Khan invited participation for the campaign on air as well as on digital mediums through a nation wide campaign. People were invited to share what made them #FeelAlive across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These stories were transformed into beautiful personalised #FeelAlive films using footage from the shows of the channel. Sony BBC Earth’s debut was marked by 50 digital promotions which were user generated stories on what makes them #FeelAlive. The brand's promise of #FeelAlive was executed by bringing together viewer's expression with the channel's content.

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