Pocket Sized Revolution More Power to Women

Denim is the ultimate symbol of rebellion. However, when it comes to fashion, it still conforms to traditional norms of sexism. Digital listening data suggested that women were buying men’s denims because men’s denims have deeper pockets. ‘When our phones are the same size why can't our pockets be the same too?’ voiced the women. When we deep dived into the conversations, we realized that the real ask was much deeper than just deeper pockets! While on one hand denim has become a symbol of modernity for Indian women, the shallow pockets were se

Creative Solution

Flying Machine decided to address an age-old sexist product design flaw. Presenting PowerPockets, Denims with deeper pockets for women. The brand found Women’s day as a perfect day to launch this. While these jeans were styled to international trends, the pockets were the secret sauce. Flying Machine teamed up with India’s biggest biker gang comprising of women - Bikerni, reflecting the true spirit of PowerPockets.

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