MTV Woofer Sounds of Comfort for Our Pawsome Friends

India is home to the noisiest cities. Diwali, synonymous with lights and crackers, takes a toll on over 30 million dogs in the country.. Dogs hear a frequency range of 40 to 60,000 Hz which is 7 times more than a human. Because of this, Dogs have a terrible time with very loud noises which affect both their health and behavior

Creative Solution

The changes in physiology, cognition and brain chemistry and morphology induced by music have been studied in animal models, providing evidence that music may affect animals similarly to humans . We decided to Fight Noise trauma With originally composed Music for dogs Presenting MTV WOOFER - India’s first television music show to soothe stressed out dogs. MTV Woofer was composed by 3 talented musicians- Sidharth Basrur, Winit Tikoo and Roshan Machado along with world leading pet experts. Special music for dogs was created after weeks of research and trial with low level beats and rhythms. When tested, this music conclusively proved to have a soothing effect on dogs.

case study video


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