Unshare My Fries at McDonald's

McDonald’s food wasn't spicy enough for Bengalurians and their cash registers were not ringing enough. Our objective was to increase footfalls and engage people via social media. Insights revealed that when it comes to tasty food, one usually tends to refrain from sharing. So we decided to propagate the spicy piri piri fries to lure them.

Creative Solution

To create intrigue we launched the ‘Un-sharer Club’ encouraging Bengalurians to un-share their “Piri-Piri-Licious” fries. Food bloggers, Twitteraties and people across social media were ‘Proud Un-sharers’. We gratified those who gave us a unique reason to “un-share” their fries. Members got a unique code, which they could redeem thus increasing footfalls.


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