Kotak Silk – No One Like Mom

In the BFSI sector, men are generally considered to be primary decision makers. Whether it be managing the household’s finances or any other important decision of the household, men assume the primary responsibility of taking care of the same.

Creative Solution

To make people understand that women are at par with men when it comes to managing their finances. They are the ones who save unconsciously or consciously for the future of their families, through modest means. On Mother’s Day, Kotak Silk celebrated every woman’s financial planning abilities with the #NoOneLikeMom campaign. The campaign celebrated a woman’s financial independence that helps her secure small joys and big dreams with Kotak Silk.  The campaign showcased that women have been the best financial managers, fulfilling a child’s little desires with the savings they have managed for the little expenses unforeseen in the future. Kotak Silk acted as an enabler in promoting the message of how financial independence can lead to true independence for women, with its #NoOneLikeMom campaign.

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