Kotak Business Banking - World MSME Day

The objective of the campaign was to generate awareness about the solutions offered by Kotak Business Banking that aids business owners to meet their business goals. The challenge at hand was to create a digital buzz around the campaign and this product segment of Kotak Mahindra Bank as the communication was launching on the social platforms for the first time.

Creative Solution

A brief look at India’s MSME landscape tells us that most MSMEs are owned and managed by families who have been running successful businesses over decades. A strong background can have many advantages but one of the drawbacks is the apprehensions of family members who have set high benchmarks and expectations and societal pressure that questions their ability. On delving deeper in the minds and lives of these young MSME entrants, we found that the new generation of business owners deals with stereotypical comments and discouragement while venturing into their family’s business. The root cause of these questions are factors such as age, gender, prior experience, etc. These often raise questions on their ability to succeed. However, the passionate, new-age breed of entrepreneurs swear by the mantra “No guts, no glory!”. Instead of getting discouraged and quitting their pursuit, they are often motivated to overcome any difficulty or challenge they encounter on their path. Thus, on World MSME Day, we decided to come up with a rather inspiring and thought provoking campaign for Kotak Banking Banking Solutions. ‘Empowering Business, Empowering You’. Executed in the form of 3 films, the stories kickstarted the conversation with a few common stereotypes that young entrepreneurs face. Eventually, the films showcased how, with Kotak Business Banking Solutions by their side, and with hardwork and perseverance they proved every assumption wrong and helped them emerge as leaders in their fraternity. The campaign not only promised an empowering partnership in these young entrepreneurial journeys, but also showcased how the brand promises to empower them to embrace all internal and external challenges, confidently.

case study video

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