Create awareness about Condom Alliance's initiative of the use of condoms amongst India's unmarried youth by busting popular myths and misconceptions with the help of formative and BE research.

Creative Solution

Our research reports suggested that 41% of urban Indians were sexually active before the age of 18 and 15% even before the age of 15. Considering how this can impact the overall sexual health of our young population at large and this age group in particular, it became evident that requisite social messaging which appealed to this audience was the need of the hour.

To that end, we devised a campaign to amplify the initiative by Condom Alliance; a campaign that is tailor made for our TG and captures eyeballs immediately. Social messaging today is no longer about executing PSAs or preachy campaigns; rather, it’s about communication that resonates with the audiences.

Keeping in mind that we were talking to the TikTok/Reels generation, we came up with a music video that spreads the message of sexual safety, supported by a relatable storyline. We chose the music video format because of the kind of connect and recall value it has with millennials as well as Gen Z.

The catch phrase of the song is in colloquial lingo and directly connects with the cause behind, and subject of the campaign. The music video engages the audience with its catchy tune and relatable theme. The mime concept introduced in the video mirrors society at large and its silence especially on issues as important as normalizing condom usage. The protagonists reflect the TG and showcase that the ‘smarter’ generation does the right thing by using protection before sex while a hummable song reflects others as ‘dumb’.

The video eventually throws a very important question at the viewers - #KaunDumbHai? (Who’s The Dumb One?)

The campaign is launched and amplified on various relevant platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube and other vernacular platforms.

case study video

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