Gentleman In You On International Men’s Day

#GentlemanInYou On International Men’s Day, when most male oriented brands were listing out the stereotypes of men, how they have to be macho and follow certain typesets to be a true gentleman, Tonic Worldwide and The Man Company went a step ahead to establish that the role of men in society is way more than just superficial stereotypes and how important is it for men to break those barriers and become better versions of themselves.

Creative Solution

We, as a society understand the role men play in a lifetime and things that are expected out of them time & again. They are pressurized to be the stronger sex and to be the ones who would take all of the burdens. But rarely do we consider what they want, that they might be vulnerable in situations or they might want support too. In an attempt to create a ripple and break such notions about how a man should be to be called a Gentleman, Tonic Worldwide in association with The Man Company came up with the idea of a slam poetry video, featuring Bollywood celebrity Ayushmann Khurrana, an ideal example of the perfect-imperfect man. The lyrics of the poem were written by Gaurav Solanki and it touched on the nuances of unfair expectations the male gender goes through. The poem acted upon the emotional touchpoints and translated every phase of a man’s life into a poetic treat. Our strategy was to create disruption within the minds of the male audiences and at the same time resonate with what they certainly feel but are hesitant to speak about. The video garnered over 15 million views in just the first week of its launch and went viral across social media and beyond.

case study video


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