Asian Paints Apcolite Enamels - #SlamDoorsNoMore

It is used only on wood and metal, and by extension, doors, windows, grills and other such parts of the house - a low involvement category for consumers, as compared to the painting of walls, for instance. To put it simply, they don't take it as seriously as the other aspects of home decor. 

Creative Solution

To create urgency and excitement for the door painting category amongst the TG, through Ideas for Doors. And to get them more involved in the process of choosing the right paint (in this case, Apcolite) for their doors. Doors are taken for granted - to the point where people slam them to show their anger. Apcolite Enamels' Ideas for Doors not only makes doors look beautiful, it also helps diffuse the anger, so that you #SlamDoorsNoMore. The film shows this through the lives of an angry wife and her careless husband. The campaign is also further extended on social media and digital mediums and will be amplified by key opinion leaders.

case study video


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