Kotak 811- The Bench Of Unity unique digital campaign

India, the land of diversity! Unfortunately, the bane of diversity weighs as much as its boon, if not more. People are constantly stereotyped based on caste, religion, gender, economic backgrounds etc. This, in turn, leads to social stigma, where people turn socially hyperconscious.

Creative Solution

Kotak 811 launched a unique digital bench – The Bench Of Unity, inviting every Indian to join the movement towards forming an egalitarian society. With over 2.5 lakh Indians supporting the movement in the digital space, special invitations were sent out to people who have created a unique identity for themselves, despite facing discrimination & judgements from the society. A custom-made Facebook Kotak 811 AR filter was created, where users could share the frame with the brand ambassador and Bollywood superstar - Ranveer Singh. Furthermore, people were invited to share their perspectives of how they could take inspiration of non-discrimination by emulating the “Bench”, in the activity - ‘Bench Ki Aatmakatha’ (A Bench’s Autobiography). From poems to rap songs, the 500+ video entries we received were both, interesting and humorous. The Consumer Insight: Kotak Mahindra Bank recognized the fear of 'being judged' as the reason why a lot of people feel intimidated to walk into a branch to open an account. Digital is a great equalizer, especially in banking, providing equal access to everyone. And 811 represents those very qualities of equality and inclusiveness. The aim was to take the ‘promise’ of inclusion beyond the product and get people to experience and participate in a movement that works towards a more inclusive and non-judgmental society.


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