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PPC.. Three letters that can turn around the quality of traffic to your website. It is a tool that has taken web advertising a notch above. For any new business initiative you take up, you can turn to PPC to help you gain the numbers.

The idea behind it may not appear to be too complex. However, hitting the bulls eye with an impactful PPC campaign, which offers the desired results for the cost per click you can expend, is a tricky task.

At Tonic Worldwide, our PPC services specialists can helm a low cost high conversion campaign, which gets you more on your investment.

If you are unable to maximise the returns on your marketing investment, then you’ve come to the right place. We are a PPC agency that strongly advocates a data-driven approach, which enables us to conceptualise smart paid campaigns that will engage with your audience.

We have got a few tricks up our sleeves that can change the tide for your brand.

It is essential that we understand your customers’ mindsets and the business as well as the marketplace. We do a complete competitor analysis along with knowing your consumers. What are their needs? What frustrates them? How can your USP as a brand fulfil their requirements. It is this body of research that helps us in creating effective web advertising. We craft targeted ads that lead to click throughs and conversions.

Every pay per click services campaign is rooted in intelligent keyword research. You might get the highest search volume for the money you put in, but what is the point of clicks if the conversion rate is less. What we look at is the intent of the searcher, various stages in the purchase journey that every keyword represents, relevance and search volume. All these together generate a substantial value from every click.

Our PPC services team goes a step ahead and evaluates their own performance to boost costs per click. They regularly split test their most successful campaigns to ensure that the best is being offered to the clients from their digital marketing services arsenal.

More than getting a surge of quality visitors, it is also important that conversions take place. Hence, we also make sure that landing pages are optimised as per PPC campaigns, which in turn guides visitors through a hassle-free purchase journey, making every click count.

We know our numbers and hence deliver optimum results with our pay per click services. Optimising your PPC can help you reach your target audience while they are still in the buying mindset.

As a PPC agency, we make sure that we continue experimenting with keywords, titles and descriptions. We also evaluate your brand’s performance and change the bidding as per the budget.

PPC is one of the digital marketing solutions that is a treasure trove of opportunities, if it's optimised effectively. It’s time numbers used strategically get you the reach and exposure.

The marketing landscape has transformed. With the number of brands vying for a consumer's attention, digital marketing solutions like PPC can help you in driving more revenue.

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