March 8, 2014 Random Thoughts
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One Life, Different Roles, She Leads A Journey With No Morose

Woman, think big. The world is waiting for you to shine.
Lose your inhibitions and put on a confident smile.
With a bag full of hopes, travel the world,
For every land needs your experience and a story to be told.

Henry Miller said that only three things could be done with a woman – “You can love her, suffer for her, or turn her into literature.”

Though I respect his opinion and agree with the first two things he said, I am skeptical about the third. No offense, but I personally feel that a woman’s life cannot be bound together in literature, no matter how experienced the writer may be. Every woman is living literature, who opens her world only to the few, whom she loves the most. Though many writers and poets have subtly expressed their thoughts on the life a woman leads, they have not been successful enough in fully capturing all her emotions in words.

Women are a distinct species, with diverse personalities and interests, that stretch far and wide like the ocean. They live multiple roles that often compete against each other, yet they gracefully go about fulfilling each one of them with love and affection. A woman is never alone. She always accompanies her family and the world in her thoughts, and her actions reflect this as well. It is her intense passion, aspirations and urge to be unique, that has driven mankind to success. Sacrificing her dreams and happiness, she strives towards the betterment of her family and society. Yet, she is accused of being selfish and naive, if her dreams exceed the norm.

Women's dayLiving in the same shoes and while growing up, I’ve realized that women are more powerful than they are believed to be. While their calmness and unconditional love brings peace and prosperity to the world around her, suppression and injustice breeds vengeance that stirs distress and pain. Imbibing the quality of patience from nature, women mold themselves to embrace change and battle circumstances that suffocate them. Over the years, women have gradually transformed, and adapted to changing times. They have broken free from their inhibitions and have achieved success in niches that were previously alien to them. However, their role in society still continues to remain the same, and they perform all their responsibilities with the same grace and joy as before.

Women are the glue that holds society together. While we, as women, know our importance, it is essential for us to stand up for ourselves and other women, whenever needed. Though our inborn maternal instincts make us believe that patience, love and forgiveness will eventually bring about a change eventually, we need to oppose the absurd restrictions that society imposes upon us. For freedom is not granted, it must be seized.

Before all of us go on with our everyday lives, I would like every woman to ponder upon the words of Charlotte Bronte, “I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.”

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