September 25, 2020 Analysis, Content

Why is it important to distribute anchor text correctly

As a leading provider of high-end SEO services in Mumbai, we believe that many companies are still unaware of why it is important to understand the significance of correct anchor text distribution. Before we begin explaining its importance, we’d like to explain what it is.

An anchor text is the clickable, visible, usually blue coloured text that you see as a hyperlink in a blog or on a webpage

There are various types of anchor texts:

  • Exact match anchors that are an exact match of the target keyword
  • Branded anchors that use your brand name
  • Generic anchors that include CTAs
  • Naked link anchors that use raw URLs
  • Image anchors that use images
  • Brand and keyword anchors that use a blend of your brand name and target keyword
  • Keyword variations that use multiple versions of the same keyword
  • Partial match anchors that use generic words, after primary keywords

If used correctly, an anchor text plays a vital role in enhancing the overall user experience and leaves a strong impression on users as well as search engine bots. It is one of the parameters based on which Google determines whether your website is relevant or not. However, if your anchor text is not distributed evenly or efficiently, it can lower the search engine ranking of your website.

There is a Google update called Penguin that assesses the quality of your hyperlinks and checks if the anchor text is relevant, considering the offerings of your website. And, if it finds out that you aren’t following Google Webmaster guidelines, it lowers the search engine ranking of your website. Usually, websites that indulge in shady SEO tricks, like spamming of links, iffy keyword stuffing, or deceptive/ confusing anchor texts, and questionable backlinks, would face a penalty or repercussion imposed by Google.

When you create a series of backlinks, Google spans and indexes them, and then it develops your link profile by analyzing it and comparing it to your on-page optimization. If your link profile consists of 100% anchors for targeted keywords, it gives your website a penalty because there is no way a well-developed, well-functioning website can have absolutely matched anchor texts.

So, it isn’t about spamming your on-page blogs or web pages with links. In fact, it is about distributing the anchor text effectively with a perfect blend of various types of backlinks. So, not only do you need to refrain from shady SEO techniques to protect your website’s SEO, but you should also learn how to optimize anchor texts and distribute them correctly throughout the website. As a renowned SEO company in India and Dubai, we know that this is where a team of experienced, stellar SEO professionals comes in handy. We assure to create backlinks the right way in order to dominate Google because we fully understand the importance of correct anchor text distribution.

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