November 29, 2012 Random Thoughts


I am sincerely grateful to a police constable and Winston Churchill for giving me the inspiration to write this blog post. Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1940 had warned us about the crisis of the common man if India received Independence.

Please read the above statement again and keep it in mind while reading the following.

Around a year and a half back, I lost my cell phone. I proceeded to the nearest Loop (Telephone company) service centre to get another SIM card with the same number. They asked me to get a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the police station in order to receive a new sim card. I followed the telephone company’s instructions and headed straight to the police station to get an NOC. (But of course, the procedure isn’t that simple ). The police constable then asked me to get a letter from the telephone company authenticating that I am their user.

My journey to get a new SIM card was far from being over, the telephone company denied of such a procedure and said that the Police is supposed to give me the NOC without an authentication letter. For two days, I kept going back and forth to the telephone company and the police station just to get a simple SIM card. Exhausted, I confided to my friend and he suggested me to slip a 100 rupee note to constable and witness a miracle.

As soon as I handed the note, my NOC was ready and I finally got a new SIM card.

So tell me, how do you feel after reading the quote of Winston Churchill written above?

Those words are 64 years old, said at a time when India was at the last stages of being declared an Independent nation. The day I heard this statement two years back, I said to myself “ what an accurate prediction”. Especially, after the SIM card incident, these words have failed to cease my thoughts and whenever I see corruption, hooliganism or indiscipline, I remember Winston Churchill. At the same time, I get angry with myself since I know it is our behaviour that has proved Churchill’s prediction correct.

Contrary to Mr. Churchill, Swami Vivekanand had imagined India to be the source of inspiration for peace and spirituality across the world, however, the reality is a far cry from that. I often wonder how did Churchill predict our sorry state so accurately and that too so many years back. Probably, illiteracy, civil discord and our strict caste system were reasons for him to think that way.

But now aren’t we better off? Isn’t the new generation more mature, broad minded and intellectually developed? Then why is our politics, economy and the judicial system still in custody of corruption and goons.

You are probably thinking that I wrote this blog, accumulating my experience in order to give you the answer. But I don’t have any, just like the rest who are trying to solve this dilemma!

Today, Winston Churchill must be laughing his head off while looking at our state. But, I request you to contemplate on what he had said 64 years back and do whatever possible to prove him wrong.


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