March 31, 2020 Marketing, Social Media
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Ways to Combine Organic and PPC for Better Marketing

PPC and content marketing are two different marketing channels, but many marketers are under the impression that they can only be executed separately. However, how effective your marketing campaign is, lies in your ability to find the right mix of marketing channels. This blog explains how combining PPC and organic content marketing can benefit your business.

There are multiple marketing channels today that businesses leverage to reach out to their audience, promote their products or services, enhance their brand awareness, and convert new visitors into potential customers. As a reliable, highly renowned media buying agency, we believe each one of them has its own significance. However, many marketers have not yet understood the importance of using a perfect mix of channels, which is why they struggle in maximizing the impact of their marketing campaigns. SEO, content marketing, PPC (pay-per-click), and SEM are various forms of brand marketing.

Every business needs to understand that effective combinations of these strategies can result in great campaign results. Content marketing has always been an integral part of any company’s marketing strategy, but the digital world has surely changed how we execute content marketing campaigns. It is essential to have high-end, relevant, engaging content. Without that, all your marketing investments are in vain. As a provider of media planning and buying services, we want to emphasize how incredibly beneficial it is to combine content marketing and PPC the right way.

It’s time, as a marketer, you start considering combining these two strategies to make your campaigns more successful. Use PPC ads to promote content about a brand update, product, or service on all social media platforms. Based on your understanding of the audience, you should know how to target ads, leverage good ads, and generate leads. Here are the ways you can use PPC ads and content marketing together, to drive more traffic and enhance lead generation:

  1. Promote content, smartly and strategically
    In order to create engaging content, you should work backwards. See what topics are trending in your industry or what your audience is talking about, and then write more informative, engaging content about them. What is interesting is you have already selected a topic that, you know, is going to do well. Use social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to market content by sharing blog links with well-written captions. After a while, see which content pieces are performing well on social media platforms, and then promote them further by using PPC ads, which can lead to a quicker ROI. Also, set up a pop-up on your website to convert visitors into potential customers, by using Hello Bar. So, this combination helps you leverage your content marketing strategy as search engines take time to deliver the desired results. 
    There are several tools on social media platforms that give you a thorough analysis of every activity that you have perform there. Use Audience Insights to analyze your page and leverage the data available to target PPC ads accordingly. The first step is to target people who like your page, and the next one is to target people who like your page and their friends. In this way, you reach out to a new audience segment, but also ensure that they are more likely to be interested in your brand, considering they share similar interests with their friends.
  2. Pick the best content piece and run an ad on LinkedIn
    LinkedIn is also a useful platform, especially for B2B companies. However, before you run ads on LinkedIn, it is important that you have a great piece of content to promote. So, pick the best performing blog or article or any other content piece from Facebook, and promote it on LinkedIn using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates. If you are looking for more effective headings for blogs or articles or social media posts, run some ideas on Twitter as promoted tweets for some time, and then, pick the one that has performed extraordinarily well for LinkedIn.
  3. Consider remarketing your content
    Remarketing is one of the effective ways to improve your brand’s ranking on search engines. There are several tools online that allow you to keep track of what content people are viewing, on your website. On the basis of that, you can create a custom set of audience. When you want to promote a new blog or post, you can run a PPC ad on Facebook, targeting the same set of audience. It will not only enhance engagement, but also improve organic results. Other than that, you can also promote upgrades or white paper to those who have visited your website, but have not subscribed to your emailing list by including them in it.
  4. Enhance your visibility on SERPs
    Almost every marketer knows how significantly PPC ads can drive more traffic, by enhancing your brand’s visibility on search engine result pages. When your position on SERPs is among the top results, it leaves a good impression on visitors and enhances your credibility. People do not even go to the second page at times, and find useful links on the first page itself. So, you can also enhance organic listings by running PPC ads on them, which will surely make them more effective.

Digital marketing is a dynamic realm, considering people’s preferences or behavioural patterns change with time, and new technology and tools come in every now and then. All media planning and buying agencies in Mumbai or anywhere else in the world know that, it is constantly evolving, filled with useful insights, and changing how businesses market their products or services. Using the right mix of various marketing channels or strategies can be fruitful, but for that, you have to give enough time to the process of research and analysis.

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