March 28, 2014 Culture
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Want A Job? Start Your Search Using Social Media

Have you ever wondered, how some of your friends bag an offer from reputed companies, even when the job market appears stagnant? Well, you can certainly blame it on the social contacts, that they network with, mainly through Facebook and Twitter.

Gone are the days, when people used to browse through the job section in newspapers regularly, for employment opportunities. Today, everything solely depends on the internet. All you need to do, is download an app provided by job portals or go to any job portal on your mobile phone’s browser, fill in the required details and specify your area of interest. And boom! You are flooded with endless opportunities that will suit your profile. Though searching jobs through job portals has been a norm for quite some time now, many recruiters and job seekers are making effective use of social media platforms to offer and seek employment. Social media platforms, which once were a haven for people to nurture new interests and meet new people, have now taken a new route, with recruiters using them to find prospective employees for their firms.

While LinkedIn has always been the first choice for recruitment, the spontaneous response derived through Twitter has made many recruiters embrace this social platform, as well. Though Facebook offers the very same convenience, it is not relatively used by many recruiters for screening candidates, since they bear a perception that unlike the other two social platforms, this one is extremely personal and is regarded as ineffective by many recruiters. However, on the contrary, employers fail to look at the brighter side, as almost 91% of Generation Y uses Facebook daily, and the platform allows liberal access to personal photographs, interests and other details of job seekers, that may be useful for them to make quality decisions, while recruiting.

One Coin, Two Sides
While social media allows employers to screen their candidates by going through their profiles and understanding their behavior, the candidates get the opportunity to know about the latest openings in the top-most companies and apply for their desired work. The introduction of the new ‘Social Job Partnership’ application, further enhances the system, allowing recruiters to share employment opportunities with billions of Facebook users, who are a part of the community.

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Recent studies suggest that identifying prospective candidates through Facebook is much more effective than Twitter. Apart from this, the latest Graph Search feature of Facebook, allows companies to further refine their search by finding people through their interests and preferences. Thus, for better sourcing, it is essential for recruiters to embrace Facebook and accept it as a professional tool. On the other hand, job seekers should take full advantage of their Twitter profiles and maintain a neat look on their Facebook profile, by using privacy settings. However, they should also update and maintain their professional existence through a completed LinkedIn profile.

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