February 21, 2020 Go Digital, Social Media
GIPSI Trend Report - Valentine Day

Valentine day 2020 trends report released by Gipsi

Digital data is a powerhouse of insights. Gipsi, the AI + HI division, has showcased some actionable insights from the digital data universe basis a comparative trend over the last 3 years for Valentine’s Day.

According to Gipsi’s report, women are taking the lead in gifting their partners. Compared to 2018 where searches for ‘gifting for him’ were 50% VS searches for ‘Gifting for her’, 2019 saw the search volumes grow to 55% exceeding searches for ‘Gifting for her’ which dropped to 45%. The growth continues this year.

While brands have been targeting women for gifting men, we will see an increase in spends for targeting women. Searches for ‘Valentine’s Day ideas’, has declined by 21% from 2017 to 2019. However, there was an increase of 26% in ‘Valentine’s day events’, from 2017 to 2019, whereas, “Valentine travel and destination” was buzzing with a 33% rise in 2019 searches for travel offers and deals around the special day. There was also a 67% rise in searches for eco-friendly gifting options from 2017 to 2019, which is expected to grow by 30% this year. In social conversations, love for each other is expressed through love for ‘green’. An increase in ‘gay valentine’ searches by 29% from 2017-2019 shows that there is high awareness around the LGBTQ community, and it is likely to be higher this year. There is a significant chatter around the LGBTQ proud and out expressing their wishes for the V-Day.

2020 has also gone beyond individual relationships. Valentine’s Day is being used to make the world a better place by ‘spread love not hate’ messages. As per the report, in intent this sentiment grew by 28% in 2019 vis-à-vis 2017 and continues to grow in 2020.

Gipsi was launched in 2018 and is being headed and driven by Unmisha Bhatt, Chief Strategy Officer, Tonic Worldwide and Anjali Malthankar, National Strategy Director, Tonic Worldwide.

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