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Types of marketing videos that your business should create

Videos hold a much more important place in the world of marketing today than ever before. As a renowned social media marketing agency, we know that it is no longer just a marketing tactic; in fact, it has grown to become an integral part of a marketing strategy. Videos are easy to consume, less time consuming, and more engaging, so people are more likely to watch videos instead of reading text. This is why many companies are utilizing the power of video marketing in almost every vertical of their business. It has changed the way brands market their products or services, the way they engage with their audience, and the way they deal with potential prospects.

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If you wish to up your marketing game by integrating video marketing extensively into your overall marketing strategy, you should know what types of videos you should make. Videos are more effective if they are conversational and actionable. As a video production company in Mumbai, here’s a list of all types of marketing videos that you can choose from for your brand, depending on the type of communication.

  1. Brand videos
    Brand videos are usually a part of a brand marketing campaign. They are supposed to comprise your brand’s vision, values, and its range of products or services.
  2. Demo videos
    Demo videos usually give your audience a proper step-by-step guide on how to use your product and how it works. So, if you make products, like VR glasses or headsets, that require users to know how to use them properly, you should surely make demo videos.
  3. Interview videos
    If you make an interview video with an industry expert or someone renowned, it builds a sense of authority and gives your brand much-needed customer trust. Your audience starts finding you more credible, which does influence their buying behaviours significantly.
  4. Live videos
    Live videos have a tendency of drawing much more attention and engagement. They give your audience a snippet of special behind-the-scenes moments and do enhance customer engagement as they can comment or ask questions in real-time.
  5. Testimonial videos
    Testimonial videos can make new, interested prospects put their trust in your brand. If you make honest, high-quality testimonial videos featuring your clients talking about your products or services, it does leave a good impression on your audience and can significantly convert interested individuals into potential customers.
  6. Explainer videos
    An explainer video gives your audience reasons as to why they need your products or services. An effective way of doing it is to include a scenario where the user is appeared to be going through a problem that is eventually solved by your product.
  7. How-to videos
    How-to videos are important if your audience needs to have the basic knowledge of your offerings and your business for their proper use. Basically, these are educational videos that give your audience relevant information.
  8. Personalized videos
    Personalized videos are bound to make your customers feel extra-special and boost customer loyalty. They show that you care about every customer’s specific interests and needs, and you ensure that your products or services meet them.
  9. AR videos
    Augmented Reality is transforming customer engagement for good over the past few years. It has made marketing more interactive and immersive because of its very nature. With AR videos, your customers can literally see how your product will look in a real-world scenario, which can surely lead to a more-informed purchasing decision.
  10. Event videos
    If your brand is launching a product, or hosting a fundraiser event, or a discussion, or a conference, you should surely get into event videos. Event videos keep your audience updated and help your brand stay more relevant in the industry it belongs to.

So, if you want to be one step ahead of the marketing game in today’s competitive economy, you should not only consider effective video marketing as a prominent part of your business strategy, but you should also explore all types of marketing videos. As a company involved in corporate video production, we can also help you better understand what type of video is effective for which type of communication.

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