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Types of consumer behaviour and what factors affect it

When it comes to creating effective marketing campaigns, what matters most is how thoroughly and intricately you’ve understood your audience. Studying or analyzing consumer behaviour involves various tasks, which includes understanding how they choose between multiple options, how they talk about your product category, how they feel about other options, and what are their preferred parameters while making a buying decision.

As one of the leading marketing companies in Mumbai, we are aware that it is not only about what consumers like or dislike, but also about what their personal, psychological or social motivations are. From the moment they start searching for a product to the moment they purchase it, there are several thought processes involved. Study of these thought processes is an integral part of understanding consumer behaviour. 

There are many ways to collect data related to their behavioural patterns, e.g. customer reviews, Q&As, surveys, competitor analysis, and Google Analytics. Consumer behaviour can be segmented into the following types:

  • Complex buying behaviour
    Buying a house or car is often associated with complex buying behaviour since this type of behaviour is witnessed when consumers intend to buy an expensive product or service. People portraying this behaviour are heavily invested in the entire process.
  • Habitual buying behaviour
    Habitual buying behaviour involves buying a product or service that is so usual that you are not really concerned about the brand, e.g. bread or grocery items. It basically exhibits a habitual purchase pattern.
  • Variety seeking behaviour
    This behaviour involves buying a product based on one’s love for variety. So, if a customer buys a new product in this scenario, it doesn’t necessarily mean they were not satisfied with the one that they have used previously.
  • Dissonance reducing buying behaviour
    When a customer is worried about regretting a choice they have made, it is associated with dissonance reducing buying behaviour. They often seek validation from other people, after buying the product.

As a successful digital marketing agency in Mumbai, we understand that various factors affect consumer buying behaviour, which are as follows:

  • Marketing campaigns play a big role in influencing people’s buying decisions.
  • Financial situations matter a lot when it comes to purchasing expensive products, like a house or car.
  • Personal preferences, like morals, values, likes, dislikes, and interests, also influence consumer behaviour. When you make a marketing campaign with these parameters in mind, it is bound to cater to the needs of your audience.
  • Peer pressure can also significantly influence one’s buying decisions, since many people prefer taking the opinion of their colleagues, relatives, and acquaintances, before deciding to buy certain products.

So, if you want to create effective marketing campaigns that show significant, measurable results, your marketing team should consider all these factors while studying consumer behaviour. After you have analyzed all of them through various sources of consumer information, you will get useful insights based on which you can improve your future marketing campaigns, thereby upping the marketing success of your brand.

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