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Twitter Dictionary

Impress Tweeple with your Twitter vocabulary

This one goes for the love of that cute little blue birdie we’re so much addicted to.  A dictionary tells you what’s more in English, while this Twittonary will tell you words that are “chweet” for everything you tweet!

Ever wondered how to increase your “tvocabulary” and impress the fellows around? Here goes a list of some heard & unheard words from Twittonary… don’t forget to use them in your hash tags & conversations and you’ll see your followers turn into “fans”!!

What do you call it when you tweet from a bathroom or while walking?  what you call to that one special person on twitter who makes your heart melt? What do you call a tweet which you regret tweeting up?


Sr. Word Meaning
 1 adventuritter an adventurous twitterer
 2 beetweet A buzzing tweet; a “hot” tweet
 3 co-twitterer a partner that tweets on your Twitter account
 4 dweet tweet sent while intoxicated
 5 drive-by-tweet a quick post inbetween tasks
 6 mistweet a tweet in which one later regrets
 7 neweeter a new tweeter
 8 Occasionitter an occasional tweeter
 9 Politweeter a political tweeter
 10 politweet a political tweet
 11 Reportwitters reporter style twitterers
 12 Sweeple sweet twitter people
 13 Twadd To add/follow someone to your Twitter account as a friend.
 14 twaffic Twitter traffic.
 15 Twaiting Twittering while waiting.
 16 Twalking Walking while twittering via text.
 17 Twapplications Twitter applications.
 18 twead To read a tweet from a fellow twitterer.
 19 Tweepish Feeling sheepish or regretful about something you tweeted.
 20 Tweeple Twitter people, Twitter members, and Twitter users.
 21 Tweeps Twitter people that follow each other from one social network to another.
 22 Tweetaholism The continued use of Twitter as an addiction that is difficult to control.
 23 Tweetaholic Someone addicted to Twitter, so much so that it may be an actual problem.
 24 tweet-back Bringing a previous tweet conversation or reference back into the current conversation.
 25 tweet-dropping Eavesdropping on someone else’s home page in friends mode.
 26 Tweeter A user of Twitter.
 27 Tweeterboxes Twitterers who tweet too much.
 28 Tweetheart That special tweeter who makes your heart skip a beat.
 29 Tweetin When a group of twitterers agree to get together at a set time to twitter.
 30 tweetsulted, tweetsult What do you think it means, you dumb twitterer?
 31 Tweetup When twitterers meet in person – a Twitter meet up.
 32 twideo-cronicity When you’re watching someone’s videos and they are simultaneously leaving a com­ment or tweet for/at/about you.
 33 Twiking biking while twittering via text
 34 twinkedIn Inviting friends made on Twitter to connect with you on LinkedIn.
 35 twis To dis a fellow twitterer. Very bad form.
 36 twitosphere Community of twitterers.
 37 twittastic Fantastic, wonderful, superb.
 38 twittcrastination Avoiding action while twittering, procrastination enabled by Twitter use.
 39 twittduit If you need to tweet a friend that does not follow you, post a twittduit asking your followers to pass a message.
 40 Twittectomy An unfollowing of friends.
 41 twitter-light zone Where you are when you return to Twitter after any time away and feel disoriented and lost.
 42 twitter stream a collection of tweets often times in alphabetical order
 43 Twitosphere The community of twepple.
 44 Twitterati The A-list twitterers.
 45 twittercal mass A community that has achieved a critical mass of twitterers.
 46 Twittering To send a Twitter message.
 47 Twitterish Erractic behavior with short outbursts.
 48 Twitteritas Women who play with their twitters.
 49 Twitterness A person’s contribution to the twitosphere.
 50 Twitterfly Being a social butterfly on Twitter evidenced by extreme usage of @ signs.
 51 Twitterject Interject your tweet into an existing tweet stream of conversation.
 52 twitterlooing Twittering from a bathroom.
 53 Twitterloop To be caught up with friend tweets and up on the conversation.
 54 Twittermob An unruly and ragtag horde of people who descend on an ill-prepared location after a pro­vocative Twitter message.
 55 Twittermaps A mashup technology that lets Twitter users find each other using Google maps.
 56 Twitterpated To be overwhelmed with Twitter messages.
 57 twitterphoria The elation you feel when the person you’ve added as a friend adds you back.
 58 Twitterage Rage at a twitter post.
 59 twitterrhea The act of sending too many Twitter messages.


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