April 13, 2015 Social Media

Twitter Partners With Foursquare

A big step forward for advertisers and marketers in terms of targeting content, is where the conversation is happening…apart from hyper-specific location information based on tweets.

TwitSquare – An apt term for this partnership, isn’t it? Twitter has joined hands with Foursquare to leverage from its vast database of locations making the locations in tweets hyper-specific.

Presently, tweeps can only tag general locations in their tweets. With this collaboration, users will be able to tag specific restaurants, stores or any potential landmarks. Although not a major change, it makes Twitter’s location feature a bit more interesting, especially if you are looking to send tweets from a specific location.

Makes us wonder what the benefits are? Well, for one, location based tweets could help Twitter a lot in terms of extending its monetisation and advertising options. It can also aid in organising content around a person’s whereabouts and understand where the conversation is happening. Organising the world’s public conversations in real-time can offer limitless opportunities.

So far, Twitter has tagged this feature as ‘coming soon’ and in its initial stage, it will be available only in selected markets.

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