June 17, 2020 Culture

Top web design trends to watch out for in 2020

Website design is a task that requires creativity as well as a solid understanding of what tone you are looking for. Based on that, you can decide what design elements or types you can proceed with. This blog lists down some of the website design trends that you should surely watch out for, in 2020.

One has to have an eye for design to understand what colours, shapes, themes, fonts, and/ or design types can be apt for a website, as per the look and feel of the brand. Trying to incorporate a unique web design while ensuring that each aspect resonates with the brand’s voice, and the perception that people are expected to have, itself, is a task full of smart experimentation. When you use a design for any section of a website and look at the preview, you can always tell if it looks good enough; but you cannot really do so when you have too many options to choose from. And, as a renowned and highly reliable web design company, that is where a solid understanding of the desired design output comes into play.

A really smart way to go about this is to know what designs are trending currently, as every year witnesses an incredible rise in the popularity of some designs that show good results, if used the right way. Based on your specific design-related requirements, you can always find out which of these design trends will enliven the overall appeal of your website, and best portray your brand image. Here are some great web design trends for 2020 that you should surely include in your design to-do list, within this year:

  1. Animations controlled by users

    Most animations that we see work on their own. But there has been this upward trend of animations, that function on the basis of the users’ or visitors’ actions or inputs on the page. It not only enhances user engagement, but also allows users to have a more engaging and immersive experience on the website.

  2. Abstract Illustrations

    If each aspect of your website design is up to the mark or extraordinary, other companies might be able to imitate the typography or the colour choice. However, what they cannot imitate are the illustrations. Abstract illustrations that convey the brand’s message are estimated to be a big trend in 2020, considering there are so many illustrations to see, that only a well-thought-out abstract illustration will appear to stand out from the clutter.

  3. ‘Text only’ in hero areas

    One significant aspect of website design that has emerged from 2019, is experimentation with text-only hero areas. This section appears when you load the website first, also known as ‘above the fold’. Other than using unique elements in the area, the trend of using ‘text only’ has also turned out to be quite intriguing, since it eradicates conventionality and allows typography to engage the user.

  4. Navigation driven by ultra minimalism

    Brands have significantly shifted from text-heavy web pages to video-oriented web pages, over the last few years. In due course of time, websites will consist of engaging videos with voice scripts and less text, making navigation smoother and devoid of unnecessary details. Thus, it will follow the path of ultra minimalism, even in the aspect of web design.

  5. Geometric patterns and shapes

    In 2020, geometric patterns, lines, and shapes are meant to make a strong comeback, especially when it comes to designing hero areas on any website. So, if you are tired of following the trend of organic patterns, it’s time to switch back to geometry.

  6. Relatively big and bold fonts

    When any user visits a website, they are more likely to pay attention to the headings first, which are written in big, bold fonts, rather than descriptions. Such bold, relatively big fonts, actually add visual weightage to the headings, and guide the users to see what is more important. So, if you really use such big, bold fonts, wherever possible, it would definitely give justice to the colour scheme and typography, that you’ve chosen.

These website design trends will be impactful, only if you analyze them properly to understand whether they complement the overall feel and tone of your website and your brand. So, as a leading web designing company in India, we suggest you inspect these trends and try them out, as per your specific needs, to maximize the user experience when they visit your website.

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