November 28, 2012 Culture

To my dearest….

You have mesmerized generations. And, I wasn’t any exception.
Your charms bewitched many, including me.

I remember the day when I first met you. I was young. Oh so naive.
Our first meeting had me addicted to you. And as you can see, I am yet to recover.

Do you think my tryst with you has been easy? No, it hasn’t.
The world fails to understand this love. Yes, the taunts, the warnings are just a part of my existence now.

I struggle to escape those prying eyes.
Our rendezvous are short, sometimes on the corner of the street and sometimes in the gardens of my office .

I cannot forget the day when you were nowhere to be found. I was tormented, as I searched everywhere, but not even a glimpse of you.
That maddening night when I scurried across the streets, just when I was about to give up an angelic voice said to me ” Sir are you looking for this?”

Today I realized you come all the way from Assam. I cannot be grateful enough to the Tata’s for bringing you to me.
They pick from thousands and nurture you with utmost care, just for me.

                                         you will always be my most cherished… cutting chai  .

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